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always-and-forever-23 asked: heyy do you do promos? i just started my blog a day or two agoo and i really want to get in contact with more oth blogss:))

I sure can do! I only have like 6 followers and am trying to get more but I will say that I know I’ve checked out your blog before, and you do post some awesome stuff :)

Good luck with getting followers :)


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Day 01 - Favourite Season

For me, Season 4 wins it, although Seasons 6 and 3 came pretty close. But Season 4 has so much good stuff in it:

  • Rachel - as bitchy as she is, I love to hate her and she adds something cheeky to OTH that I like. Also, I think she makes Brooke a good person, especially in this season, and I love Brooke :)
  • Dan being nice - Okay, he and Karen was weird. But him being nice is almost good. Equally enjoyable, though, was seeing him in prison ;)
  • Haley’s pregnancy and baby Jamie! - Naley are just so happy because of this and become a family unit… and I just love babies haha.
  • The epic championship game - SO. MUCH. DRAMA! The championship game episode is one of my favourites, it’s just so exciting! And if I had to pick the most unexpected ending, this would probably get joint top with the school shooting episode.
  • And with that, Peyton and Lucas - As much as I hate the way they go about getting together (too melodramatic and self-centred with no consideration for Brooke’s feelings, especially), they belong together and it’s nice to see them finally get their shit together after years of to-ing and fro-ing :)
  • Psycho Derek - Once again, drama! Although parts of this storyline were certainly laughable, I think it was good that they didn’t just let Peyton reveal her whole life online with no consequences. Plus, the creepiness was exciting and it brought Brooke and Peyton together again, which brings me to…
  • Brooke and Peyton - They have such a good dynamic in this season. Despite the whole not-being-friends thing, they’re still clearly good friends and their make-up is worth it.
  • Chase! - He’s adorable and gorgeous and he has a skateboard. Need I say more?
  • Skills and Bevin - The continuation of their relationship is really sweet :) I’ve always been really disappointed that they don’t stay together because I don’t think anyone else would be as good with Skills as Bevin was :(
  • The final episode - The epicness of this episode just sums up what One Tree Hill is all about: friends, fun and love. It’s got funny moments, sad moments and moments that make you go 'awwww!'. Perfect.

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One Tree Hill - 30 Day Challenge

So I haven’t actually seen Season 8 yet but I’m going to do this anyway. I found two different challenges and combined them with my favourites to make the best 30 day challenge for OTH ;)

Here is the full list:

1.       Day 01 – Favourite Season

2.       Day 02 – Least Favourite Season

3.       Day 03 – Favourite Episode

4.       Day 04 – Least Favourite Episode

5.       Day 05 – Favourite Male Character

6.       Day 06 – Least Favourite Male Character

7.       Day 07 – Favourite Female Character

8.       Day 08 – Least Favourite Female Character

9.       Day 09 – Favourite Actor

10.   Day 10 – Favourite Actress

11.   Day 11 – Favourite Couple

12.   Day 12 – Least Favourite Couple

13.   Day 13 – Favourite Friendship

14.   Day 14 – Least Favourite Friendship

15.   Day 15 – Best Storyline

16.   Day 16 – Worst Storyline

17.   Day 17 – Funniest Episode

18.   Day 18 – Saddest Episode

19.   Day 19 –Best (or worst!) Naley Obstacle

20.   Day 20 – Biggest WTF Moment

21.   Day 21 – Best Kiss

22.   Day 22 – Best Fight

23.   Day 23 – Best Road Trip

24.   Day 24 – Best Musical Moment

25.   Day 25 – Best Acting Performance by Chad Michael Murray

26.   Day 26 – Best Acting Performance by James Lafferty

27.   Day 27 – Best Acting Performance by Hilarie Burton

28.   Day 28 – Best Acting Performance by Bethany Joy Galeotti

29.   Day 29 – Best Acting Performance by Sophia Bush

30.   Day 30 – Best Quote

If any of you guys do it as well, let me know and I’ll follow you and check out your choices :)

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" the end the journey is the destination.": Dear One Tree Hill Season 9,


Take your time filming and airing episodes, if that means that Hilarie can come back as Peyton.

It would create a perfect ending for the show if all 5 of the originals were back.

And while you’re at it, talk to Danneel Harris about returning, I want Rachel to have a happy ending.

Oh and it’d be…

^^THIS, all of it.

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Best. Couple. EVER. <3

Nathan: Hi, you’ve reached the Scotts; um…my wife and I are…
Haley: Your wife? What do you, like, own me now?
Nathan: Yeah, I do.
Haley: Hi, this is Nathan and Haley Scott, please leave a message…or…not.
Nathan: That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard.
Haley: Shut up, it rhymed, I like it!
Nathan: Oups!
Haley: Oh fine, let’s just do one together, okay?
Nathan: Wait a minute, isn’t that something only really cheesy couples do?
Haley: Yeah, well we are a really cheesy couple, Mister.
Nathan: Good point.
Haley: Hi, you’ve reached Haley…
Nathan: And Nathan, I live here too.
Haley: Yes, Nathan lives here too because we’re married!
Nathan: And, uh, we can’t get to the phone right now because we’re, um…
Haley: We’re having sex? I mean, just, we’re having really…
Nathan: Okay!
Haley:… hot sex. Oh! Oh, we’re still on. Uh, leave a message!
Nathan: And, uh, we’ll get back to you when we’re done!